Modular Building

8M locker room building.

10 week manufacturing process

Building built to withstand medium level explosion.

The set consists of 8 modules of reinforced concrete made at the factory, to be transported and mounted in the industrial complex.

A building for changing rooms, showers, toilets and a dining area has been executed.

The finishes of this project are, internally, continuous polyurea-based pavements with non-slip finish in the shower areas, interior wall coverings of plasterboard with finished waterproof paints in shower areas and painted finish in the rest of the rooms , and divisions with phenolic panel in shower area. The suspended ceilings are made of registrable plates.

Externally it has a ventilated facade of minionda sheet, fixed exterior carpentry in anodized aluminum and metal exterior doors all anchored according to specifications of the destination plant.

The roof is flat with zero slope and finished with slab-type slab plates.

Building fully equipped for entry into use, both at the level of facilities and furniture.


Location: Tarragona Industrial Complex

Client: Dow Chemical

Project: Building of reinforced concrete modules for changing rooms and showers

Area: 382.18 m2

Work: Project and work completed in October 2016

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