Modular Building

6M Office Building

Temporary building for subcontractors working at the plant

Building consisting of 6 modules of reinforced concrete made at the factory, to be transported and mounted in the industrial complex.

The building consists of 12 offices for subcontractors working in the plant. Each module houses 2 identical offices fully equipped with air conditioning, ventilation, electricity, data and installation of the internal fire detection system.

The custom finishes for this project are, internally, parquet flooring, interior wall coverings of painted plasterboard and false ceilings of recordable plates. Externally it has fixed exterior carpentry in anodized aluminum and exterior metal doors all anchored according to specifications of the destination plant.


Location: Tarragona Industrial Complex

Client: Dow Chemical

Project: Reinforced concrete module building for subcontractor offices

Area: 286.64 m2

Work: Project and work completed in October 2016

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