Modular Building

Locker room building 40_FD

Explosion resistance up to 4psi.

Iso High Cube metal module reinforced and adapted to withstand explosions of up to 4psi.

The Isocontainer consists of a main structure reinforced with a metal support substructure to fix all the interior equipment in order to avoid the detachment of the interior furniture in case of explosion.

Adaptation of an Isocontainer module for changing rooms with lockers. Manufactured at SafeThink facilities, transported and mounted in the industrial complex.

A diaphanous space fully equipped with electrical installations, LED lighting and air conditioning.

Coating of vertical and horizontal elements with sandwich panels with internal insulation fixed to the auxiliary support structure. Laminated parquet flooring.


Location: Tarragona Industrial Complex

Client: Dow Chemical

Project: Iso High Cube modular metal building for changing rooms

Area: 29.72 m2

Work: Project and work completed in April 2017

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