Modular building

South Dow Locker Room Building

Manufacturing process of 6 weeks, assembly 1 day. Completion of the work in Chemistry 12 days.

Explosion-resistant building for changing rooms and bathing areas.

Formed by 4 modules of 5x10m of reinforced concrete, made in the factory and assembled in the industrial complex of Tarragona in 1 day.

Building for changing rooms, showers and toilets area.

The modules arrive at Dow fully equipped. The interior and cross-sectional distributions are solved with plasterboard partitions and phenolic panels for the formation of the showers. Wall coverings with waterproofing paint, continuous polyurea-based flooring, sliding finish in the shower area and removable suspended ceiling with 60x60mm vinyl plates. The exteriors are made up of a ventilated façade with metal plates minionda type and flat roof with pvc waterproofing sheet and filtron slab finish.

All the installations of the modules are carried out in the factory, only the final connection and commissioning are carried out at the final location. The modules are placed on a foundation of reinforced concrete made on-site.

Building fully equipped for entry into use, both at the level of facilities and furniture.


Date and location: November 2017 Tarragona Industrial Complex.

Client: Dow Chemical

Project: Building of reinforced concrete modules for changing rooms and showers and washbasin area.

Surface: 4 pcs 9.85m x 4.85m (191.09 m2)

Contract: Sale

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