Temporary buildings for the protection of people
with a high level of comfort

Following the regulations according to the Baker Risk certificate to comply with the explosion protection parameters
We can place this system in environments of risks to the explosion of 4PSI






Classification "Medium Strenght Portable Buildings"

Explosion, the modules support a force of 4PSI
Fire, the reinforced concrete module has an EI-180
Toxic leak, automated elements for air intake control.
Seismic resistance, elastic capacity and energy absorption, achieve greater deformation before collapse.
Radioactive leakage, mechanical joints and concrete thicknesses of parts greater than 30 cm.

Reduction of lead times

Greater control of material management for better time management allows reduced lead times.

Minimum plant incidence

We reduce the interferences between the operation of the plant and the manufacturing work by making only the connections of the facilities and the finishes in the plant.

100% of manufacturing work is carried out at SafeThink facilities.


Ideal work atmospheres

The excellent acoustic performance, the rigorous quality controls and the good thermal operation allow adequate and comfortable working atmospheres.

"ZERO" risk

We reduce the risk of accidents at the customer’s sites by reducing the work to be done to installation and finishing connections.

100% of manufacturing work is carried out at SafeThink facilities. Facilities with comprehensive safety monitoring and fully equipped


100% customizable

The SafeThink system allows the modules to be joined in plan or height creating spaces and buildings for different uses, offices, changing rooms, bathrooms, warehouses, residential buildings…

The constructive process

The SafeThink system is an ideal system for temporary and / or movable buildings within the plants or work areas. We offer buildings for sale, rent or lease.


The manufacturing of the three-dimensional module is carried out as a supporting structure of the building and the different components that equip it are assembled. External manufacturing, minimum incidence in plant.



The modules are loaded into trailers and transported to their destination. Transportable buildings.



By means of a crane it is unloaded and placed in its exact place according to the plans. Customized solutions.



Connections are made to the common services of the building, finishing work and placement of the roof. Job security.




Different constructive solutions according to building needs and characteristics

Vertical elements (Ceilings and floors)

Type 1. Reinforced concrete slab. Thickness to be defined according to structural calculation.
Type 2. Ribbed structure with unidirectional or bidirectional nerves.
Type 3. Sandwich structure with exterior and interior panel of reinforced concrete of varying thickness according to structural calculation and interior panels of expanded or extruded polystyrene of varying thickness according to energy needs.

Horizontal elements (Walls and pillars)

Type 1. Solid elements of variable thickness according to structural calculation.
Type 2. Ribbed structure with vertical nerves.


All finishes, both in facades, roofs, interiors or facilities are fully customizable.
SafeThink, develops the systems of anchors and unions between all the materials to fulfill the homologation and certificates for the resistance to the explosion.


The system is calculated to be placed on isolated shoes or running shoes, the characteristics of the terrain will define the type of foundation.

Composite building

The modules can be joined in plan and height generating spaces and buildings suitable for each use, offices, warehouses, changing rooms, dressing rooms, bathroom areas, etc….